Assessing Terminology

Assessed Value (AV): The value set by the assessor to reflect 50% of market value.

State Equalized Value (SEV): The Assessed Value plus any adjustment factor by the county and state to equalize the assessed value to 50 percent of the market, if the assessor's value falls short of market value.  The Township of Cohoctah consistently has a factor of 1.00, or no adjustment.

Consumer Price Index (CPI): The annual national inflation rate from October to October.

Capped Value (CV): The figure derived from multiplying the previous year's Taxable Value (TV) by the Consumer Price Index (CPI).

Taxable Value (TV): The amount upon which property taxes are levied.  The taxable value is the lesser of the SEV and CV.  Taxable value is utilized for the calculation of property taxes.