The Township has one precinct for voting.  All voting occurs at the Township Hall, 10518 Antcliff Road, Fowlerville, MI  48836. Under Michigan law, elections are held on the last Tuesday of February, and the first Tuesday after the first Monday of the months of May, August, and November. Voting hours are 7 am until 8pm on the day of the election.

Application to Register to Vote

Application for Absentee Ballot

New Rights for Michigan Voters.  Click here for information.

State of Michigan Election Information Webpage:,4670,7-127-1633_8716---,00.html

mportant Dates for the May 7, 2019 Election.  

April 22, 2019 - Last day to register in any manner other than in-person with the local Clerk for the May Election.
April 23, 2019 through 8:00p.m. May 7, 2019- In-person registration with local clerk with proof of residency.
Up to 5:00 pm May 3, 2019 - Electors may obtain an absent voter ballot via pirst Class mail.
Up to 4:00 pm May 6, 2019 - Electors may obtain an absent voter ballot in person in clerk's office.
Up to 4:00 pm May 7, 2019 - Emergency absentee voting for election.
May 7, 2019 - Election day registrants may obtain and vote an absent voter ballot in person in clerk's office or vote in person in the proper precinct.
May 7, 2019- Election

Clerks Hours: Monday, Tuesday and Friday by appointment.  Wednesday and Thursday 10am to 2pm at the Township Hall.  
We will be available at the Township Hall on Saturday May 4, 2019 from 7am to 3pm to register residents to vote, issue absentee ballots and accept absentee ballots. 

If you are unable to make it during scheduled hours please call 517-618-7404 to make arrangements.

Township Hall- 10518 Antcliff Rd Fowlerville MI 48836
Clerks Office- 3530 Gannon Rd Howell MI 48855